Vietnam Visa Extension & Vietnam Entry Permit.

  • ✅Visa Extension, Renewal on Tourist, Business, Exemption Visas.
  • ✅Applying for tempory resident card (TRC), Work Permit. Criminal Records.
  • ✅Vietnam Entry Permit on business, investor, expert
  • ✅We handle all paperwork & submit to Vietnam Immigration system.
  • ✅Extending Vietnam visa without leaving out country or get a best solution.
  • ✅Reasonable price. No Hidden Charges for visa extend/renewal 
  • ✅100% approved guarantee
  • ✅Consulting is free 100% refund if visa declined. 

Extension visa in Vietnam always available. Let us help you to prolong your staying safe in the beautiful of Vietnam.



How to extend visa in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa Extension means that you will have a new staying duration permission in Vietnam. Please remember that you are allowed to stay more in Vietnam without reentering if you exit Vietnam before your visa expired. So it means you must apply new visa if you wish to come back Vietnam after leaving, because extension visa only support to single stay on tourist visa( Business visa can renewal for multiple entries).
# Extending your Visa to stay more tim in Vietnam is strongly recommended in the outbreak of Covid-19. #Vietnamvisaextension. #StaySafe.

How to renewal visa in Vietnam

Vietnam visa renewal means that you are granted a new visa stamp with a visa sticker onto your passport with the new duration permission with a single or multiple entries, depending on your requested. The length is valid maximum for 3 months. Moreover the visa renewal fee is higher than the visa extension fee because we have to pay stamping fee and visa sticker fee for you.
*Renewal your Vietnam visa is offering by Vietnam Immigration Office for a Business visa, Working visa, Resident card holder. #vietnamvisaextension. #StaySafe



Procedures to extend or renew your visa

3 easy steps with 100% live instruction from our expert

1. Get 100% Free Consultant

You are getting 100% free consulting from our dedicated team support to be clear what is the best options to extend or renewal visa that you are desired. We are always give to our clients the best solutions and good expenses on your trip budget

2. Drop Your Original Passport

Vietnam Immigration will required for your original passport to submit for Visa extension or renewal on the the government system. Options to use courier (send it by Post office) or visit us in person at our office in HCMC, HANOI, DANANG, HOI AN..

3. Delivery Your Passport Back

You are required to visit our office to get your passport back with the new duration permission to stay in Vietnam. Otherwise we are able to delivery it to your places in town or We will courier your passport to your accommodation address by post office or mail.
Current Visa Type 15 Days Extension 1 Month Extension 2 Months Extension 3 Months Extension 6 Months Extension Extend Now
Visa exemption Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact Ask for better price
1 Month Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact Ask for better price
3 Months Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact Ask for better price
1 Year (US citizens only) Contact Contact Contact  Contact Contact Ask for better price


Current Visa Type 1 Month  2 Months 3 Months  6 Months  Extend Now
1 Month  Contact   Contact  Contact   Contact Ask for better price
3 Months  Contact   Contact  Contact   Contact Ask for better price
1 Year (US citizens only) Contact   Contact  Contact   Contact Ask for better price


Current Visa Type 15 Days  1 Month 2 Months 3 Months 6 Months Extend Now
1 month e-Visa Contact Contact Contact Contact Contact Ask for better price


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Why choosing to extend or renew your visa with us?

Experienced team

Vietnam Visa Extension service launched 2012, and have assisted numbers of travelers to successfully extended their visa in Vietnam and Vietnam visa on arrival.

100% Free Consultant

100% Free consulting from our expert visa extension service. You can choose a best solution to extended your Visa to stay in Vietnam without leaving out country.

Prompt Support 24/7 online

Vietnam Visa Extension service will minimize the list of documents needed to prepare before we are submitting onto the Vietnam immigration system. Our live dedicated team is ready to support and make clear all about your needed to extend visa in Vietnam intime.

No hidden charges - Reasonable prices

100% refund if visa declined. The payment can be make in cash in person at the office or Bank Transfer in VND. We guarantee 100% free consultant for our service.

100% Guarantee Service

100% refund if visa declined.Vietnamese visa extension costs is clearly on discussion with you before you visit us and decision to process for extension, renewal visa

Extension Visa Service Everywhere

Vietnamese Visa Extension service is available in all places in Vietnam. We can support you to extend your visa no matter where you are in Vietnam.


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  • Very friendly staff helped me when I had made a misstake with my Visa. They did a good and fast job to get me back on track. Thanks Very friendly staff helped me to extend my vietnam visa
  • Thank you guys a lot ! . I will recommend my friends about your service. Helpful assistants and reliable service
  • Professional, fast, gentle and cheap.They give the right clues and tips for every situation and they help you. E visa Extension fast. I recommend 100% Great, Well done